Sunday, February 9, 2014

No Longer "Burned"

I think I have finally broken my curse of 'bad' books.  I certainly didn't get 'burned' with Frost Burned.

Continuing the story of Mercy, a shape shifter/walker, who is a mechanic and coyote and a very capable woman in her own right.  Throw in a sexy, werewolf/mate/Alpha in the form of Adam and you have a great pairing.  But in this book, Adam is kidnapped, along with most of the pack and it is up to Mercy to figure out where they are and why they were taken.

Throw in some supportive humans, fae and a vampire or two and you have an action packed page turner as Mercy discovers even more things she can do with her ever growing abilities.

The downside to reading Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson want to go back and start at the beginning again and reread all the books.  Unfortunately, mine are in storage still.  But there is always the library!