Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Bookman's Tale

Peter Byerly got hooked on books in college and is an antiquarian bookseller.  Young and shy, he has relocated from North Carolina to England, to the cottage his wife Amanda had been renovating prior to her untimely death.  Not sure how to get his life back together again, Peter is floundering, until he finds a picture of Amanda stuck in an old book.  Only problem is, the watercolor was painted over a century ago, which puts her in Victorian England.  

Spanning Peter's past and present, he tries to find out why and who painted this picture of his Amanda.  Throw into the mix Shakespeare, murders (past and present) and a possible priceless book (or is it a forgery), Charlie Lovett has woven a tale which won't let you put it down.  So much so, I am blaming it on not getting homework done on Saturday which I should have been working on rather than reading this book.  This is one I wish they make into a movie.