Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Styxx and Stones...

...may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.  Well, Sherrilyn Kenyon's latest just proved that saying wrong.

I am a Sherrilyn Kenyon fan.  I have several Dark-Hunter novels on my shelf which I go back and reread time and time again.  So when I saw this huge 836 page latest release was coming out, I had my name on the waiting list at the library (one of the perks of working there, first crack at the new books.)

After a painful week of reading, I only made it to page 277.  I actually wanted to stop at about 113, but kept on.  I thought there was no way she could continue to belabor the bad childhood Styxx and his twin had, but I was wrong.  It continued.  And continued.  And continued.  Don't get me wrong, I am not squeamish about a man getting gang raped, but when it happens again and again, the 'horror' of it is lost and it's just 'get on with the story already'.

Then he finds the love of his life, while he is under an assumed name.  And she hates Styxx, so he can't tell her who he is for fear she will be repulsed.  But she is under an assumed identity too.  And her real persona wants Styxx dead.  Can you tell where this is leading?

The only saving grace of this book (I flipped to the back few pages) is that Simi appears, and who can't love Simi, and that the original 1600 pages was cut to the 836 pages.  

Sorry, Simi, but even a liberal dose of BBQ sauce doesn't make this book worth reading.

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