Saturday, January 25, 2014

Longbourn or Long-Bored

I picked this up of the shelving cart as a possible interesting read.  After all, the premise is a parallel story of the characters of Pride and Prejudice as seen from the servants side of events.

In the background you have the Bennett family going about their business with the Bingley's and Mr. Darcy and Wickham.  It shows the chaos that Mr. Collins unexpected visit to the house causes.  And just what is the background of the new footman, James?  Most of the story is about Sarah, the maid.  All her duties and trials and tribulations.  Her fetching and hair curling and chilblains. Throw in Mr. Bingley's colored servant, Ptolemy, which fascinates Sarah.   Does she get with James?  Or does she take a daring risk and run off with Ptolemy?  Or is she destined to stay as a maid to the Bennett's forever?  And it is still not a sufficiently interesting read for me to really care what does or does not happen to Sarah.   So about halfway through and I'm calling it quit.  So long, Sarah.

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