Friday, September 4, 2015

Bug In A Vacuum - Melanie Watt

Much to my surprise a couple of days ago, the nice UPS man dropped off a package with my name on it.  Inside was a book I had not realized I had 'won' off the Goodreads giveaway page.  Opening the package, I was delighted to see a picture book for Lady K.

And Lady K was equally excited to get her hands on it.  By Melanie Watt, Bug in a Vacuum, is the story of a bug which, in his travels, flies into a vacuum cleaner.  The results is his experiences in trying to get out of the vacuum cleaner.

First, let me say, the illustrations are lovely.  The bug is a generic fly-like bug with big, beautiful eyes.  The dog, which features in the story, also has great eyes.  And since I love the color green, the tones in the book are very soothing and right up my alley.  (And it's sad, I remember those old vacuum cleaners.)

I was enjoying the pictures and the story until I got to "Stage One" in the story and then I was puzzled.  It seems, and I didn't realize it until an adult explained it to me, was the story is about the five stages of grief.  Okay....

While a young child would probably like the pictures and looking at the bug trying to get out of the vacuum cleaner, this is a book which would need to be read by an adult to the child and the issues discussed.  I am not sure exactly how I feel about the book, so I am turning it over to our children's librarian for her thoughts on the book.  She is familiar with Melanie Watt and her Scaredy Squirrel series and interested in seeing her latest book.

It's sad when a children's book is over my head!

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