Monday, January 18, 2016

I Need a Juicer!!

Savvy and I have talked several times about getting a juicer.  Actually, what we have really talked about was how to steal the one at the Real Foods Market in town.  But receiving the book, Green Smoothies by Fern Green (a little suspicious of the name), has definitely reinforced the need for a juicer.

Subtitled "Recipes for Smoothies, Juices, Nut Milk and Tonics to Detox, Lose Weight, and Promote Whole-Body Health", this book packs a lot of information in a small package.

While it contains almost as many juice recipes as it does smoothies, it reinforces my need for a juicer.    There is a brief intro on the difference between blenders and juicers which leads to a picture and paragraph section on the different 'greens' and their benefits.  Followed by a brief description of tips for a juice detox, it leads into a two day spread on the plan and what juices and smoothies you would be drinking that day.

Then the book gets into the 'meat' of the subject, so to speak.  Each recipe takes up two pages.  The left hand side shows the ingredients required laid out very nicely.  The opposite page shows a picture of a bottle of the juice or smoothie and lists it's benefits and uses.  One thing I really like is each recipe title also has under it whether it is a sweet juice/smoothie or a savory one.  I like the heads-up as what to expect before I drink it. Each recipe makes enough for 2-3 servings or a full day of nothing but that specific juice or smoothie. 

What did surprise me in reading through the recipes for the smoothies were there is no yogurt or milk added to them.  They are all strictly the fruit or vegetable with an occasional nut or seed added, along with a bit of water perhaps.

This little book is so appealing, even Texter, with her aversion to veggies and smoothies, is interested in some, along with the juices.  And they would be good for her to take to school to drink during the day.

So while awaiting the arrival of the Juicer Fairy, we will be making some of the smoothies. In the meantime, I will prepare myself a Banana Tonic which is suppose to give my body a sense of calm.  All I need is some mint, a banana and some romaine lettuce.

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