Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Another "Problem" I Have...

Yep.  Books!

This is my latest group of books I dragged home from the library from our donation cart.  The Natalie Goldberg and the Gretchen Rubin I have read and want my own copy.  The others are 'goodies' for my library.

Of course, they have to go on a huge existing stack of books which are in my library I haven't read yet. 

AND the shelf of books I have checked out from the library...

AND the audio book I am listening to.  AND the Patrick Rothfuss I have on reserve because he will be a guest at Miscon 30 and I haven't read any of his books.

AND the books on my e-reader.

Of this stack, I have actually finished one which will be a forthcoming review.  Incarnation I received as part of a blog hop review in May.  I will be posting my review on May 19, so stay tuned.

So yes, I have a book problem.

And I love it!

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