Sunday, April 28, 2013

Too Much On My Nightstand

I am currently in Montana and my Kindle is back in North Carolina.  And while I do have the app on my iPad, it is a little bulky to read in bed with.  Part of me can't give up my good old paper books anyway.  And you would think I would have more time to read these days being retired.  However, having a 1 month old to care for (at least part time) seems to take up a lot of time.

 So this is my bedside table at the present time.  I have a couple of other books I am in the process of reading also, but these were recently added.  Darn Sam's Club and their discounted book prices!
Being a fan of the Castle TV show, I thought I would try an actual book from the show.  Or is that a book the show is based on.  I also really enjoy a lot of the fiction coming out that is label "Young Adult" reading.  Their fantasy books are really good.  Think Hunger Games and the Harry Potter series.  Therefore, the Beautiful Creatures series was added to the pile.  Since I am almost through The Song of Fire and Ice books by George R. R. Martin, I though I would add some of his other writings to the pile.

While part of me says the Stephanie Plum books are getting a bit rote, I still can't give up the giggles I get from reading these books.  I am actually am saving this for later in the pile, a treat for a rainy day.

And to not just fill my head up with 'mush', I have an extensive manual for my new camera so that I can learn all the ends and outs.  I have a LONG way to go on fully utilizing this book.  It will stay at hand for quite a while.

But this is what I am actually currently reading.  Patricia Briggs and Diana Gabaldon I have read before, and it is edited by George R. R. Martin (which I didn't really pick up on until I got the book home with the others).  Very "Urban Noire" as he calls it.  It is dark fantasy in an urban setting.  I think when I saw Patricia Briggs I was expecting a bit more romance in the stories, but not the case.  I have, however, found a couple of authors I now want to go back and read some of their books.

So many books, so little time.  

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