Monday, June 9, 2014

A New Respect for Cooks

I seem to be on a roll with 'cooking' books recently.  First, Kitchen Confidential, then Delicious! and now Sous Chef.  Needless to say, I have gone from hungry to exhausted and have a whole new respect for what goes on behind the scenes in a kitchen.

Michael Gibney condenses his life of working various kitchens into a 24-hour, minute-by-minute, read of what it's like to be a sous chef.  And frankly, I am ready for a nice sandwich and a nap. At 214 pages, the intensity and relentless pace propels you along.  Working a kitchen isn't necessarily sexy or cozy.  It's pressure, non-stop, from the moment they step in the door, to when the last plate is washed and put away to start another day.  Frankly, while I think being a 'chef' would be great and exciting, there is no way I could do the job necessary to be successful.  But it makes for a fast-paced read.  Just be sure to go out for a good meal afterwards and send your thanks to all the kitchen staff!

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