Friday, July 4, 2014

Skin Game - Jim Butcher

I'm in love, or maybe it's just lust.  I feel replete for now, but know I will be hungry for more.  In fact, on my drive to Arizona in a few weeks, I'll probably listen to several of the books on audio.  Just to get my "Dresden" on.

I fell for Harry Dresden a few years ago when I stumbled across the TV series, "The Dresden Files".  I immediately had the hots for Paul Blackthorne/Harry Dresden.  And Bob.  Can't forget about Bob.  In fact, I have looked at skulls several times with the thought of placing one on my dresser, just in case he dropped by.

Once again, I have fought by Harry's side as he battles the forces of evil, black magic, those who want to hurt others.  This time it involves going to hell and back, literally.  Mab send Harry on a job to assist the bad guy on a trip to the Underworld to rob Hades.  And that's not half the story.

The story is great.  The twists and turns are worth biting your nails over.  That faith triumphs over evil does something for this lapsed Methodist.  And that Butters gets his day, other than just patching up Harry.

So now I'm exhausted after my journey through hell and back.  I think I will go watch a few episodes on TV.

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