Monday, August 29, 2016

Engineering Eden - Jordan Fisher Smith

Now living in Montana, issues concerning the wilderness are more on my mind these days.  I can walk four blocks up the street and be in the 'hills'. Yearly, we seem to get the warnings about mountain lions in those same hills. Deer are a constant visitor to the streets of Helena.  As I write this, smoke from wildfires several miles away are evident.  So the whole idea of just how much control we do have over the wilderness and it's occupants are very up close and personal. 

This year alone, we have seen someone who is use to the outdoors and bears, be killed while riding his bike.  It's very sad.

But I would hate to think of the alternative.  

Already, oil and mining companies ogle the wilderness areas for their own gain.  And the animals?  Do we turn our outdoors into one big zoo?  

While the interaction between man and animals sometimes makes man on the losing side, I would hate to think there were no 'wild' predators anymore. 

And the fires?  Loss of house and home are devastating.  I have seen where hillsides are bare of trees from a fire.  And I have seen hillsides where trees and grasses and flowers are growing after a fire, rejuvenated.

Smith presents a compelling argument in the Man Vs. Nature fight all around the plight of Harry Walker and his untimely death. 

Frankly, after seeing the stupidity of tourists in Yellowstone who think warning signs about the geysers and animals are there for decoration, I hope the animals and wilderness wins this fight.

 "I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

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