Monday, October 17, 2016

Photographs From the Edge by Art Wolfe with Rob Sheppard

No, this isn't a pictorial account of my nervous breakdown.  Instead it is a drool-worthy book and hits all the right buttons on my account.

In Photographs from the Edge: A Master Photographer's Insights on Capturing an Extraordinary World, just the photographs alone are worth a sit-down and flip-through.  But each picture is accompanied by three things - 

  1. A journal-like story about the picture itself - where it was taken, when - a bit of background information.
  2. "The Nature of the Photos" - a brief paragraph about the area the photo was taken in, something about the subject - a quick snippet.
  3. "Photo tip" - a how-to on photography and how it applies to that particular picture.

Art Wolfe, the photographer, along with Rob Sheppard, have put together a book which will take hours to go through.  And then hours running outside to try some of the tips and hints in the book.  A great book to sit down with a cup of tea and slowly go from page to page, savoring the visual impact of each photograph.

This is a must have for any would-be photographer, armchair traveler or a combination of the two.

"I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

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