Saturday, November 26, 2016

Heartless is Breathtaking!

First off, I love anything to do with Lewis Carroll and the "Alice" stories. Love it, love it, love it. Not so far as to have an entire sleeve being tattooed on my arm, but close enough. (Note to self - go back and read my annotated copy of Alice in Wonderland.)

Actually, I am going to claim ignorance of what the book was about.  I don't always read the fly-leaf on the cover. I just know I have enjoyed Meyer's retelling of fairy tales in The Lunar Chronicles, so I brought it home with me.  And devoured it. Much like the delectable confections Cath prepares in the book. The result - I discovered something special (and cried a bit too).

Catherine is nobility. But all she wants to do is open a bakery, preparing all manner of sweets and tarts. However, the King has his eye on more than her tarts and a new court jester has arrived. Along with the Jabberwoky.

What happens is a romp through Wonderland with all your favorite characters, including a Mad Hatter, who might not be quite as mad...yet.

I don't think I could recommend Heartless by Marissa Meyer any more. In fact, if you hurry over to Amazon, you can get the first four chapters on ebook free.  Since it's suitable for teens on up, this would make an excellent Christmas present for someone. 

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