Saturday, December 6, 2014

Lestat Returns

I can remember when Interview With The Vampire came out in 1976.  I had graduated high school the year before and was now a 'worldly' college student.  And this book was a real departure from everything else out there.  Over the years I read most of the Vampire Chronicles as they were released.  Then Anne Rice found Jesus. Then I found A. R. Roquelaure.  And recently there came the  werewolves (which is a great series by the way).  Now Rice has gone back to her 'roots', so to speak, and picked up on the story of Lestat.

Her current novel has all the original characters culled from the Vampire Chronicles.  Louis, Armand, Marcus...the whole cast and crew.  Unfortunately, there seems to be a 'voice' which is telling the vampires to kill each other.  Resting places around the world are going up in flames, killing young vampires by the dozens.  And no one knows where this Voice is coming from or what it really wants.

Told from different points of view throughout the book, the old vampires must come together to solve this puzzle and the 'Brat Prince' is now looked to as the head of the vampires, the new Prince Lestat.

A good read, especially since you are getting the story told from all different points of view and experiences.  However, this is a book you really need to have read some of the earlier works in order to understand just who is who and what their past relationships really were. 

The only thing this book makes me want to do is to go back and start from the beginning again.

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