Sunday, May 31, 2015

Black Blade Blues

One of the things I really enjoyed about attending Miscon 29 was discovering 'new' authors.  That is, new to me.  Even though I have books by Terry Brooks to finish up, Savvy picked up the first book in the series at my urging and after I read a few pages, I picked up book two.

Black Blade Blues by J. A. Pitts is the tale of Sarah Beauhall, a black smith, who reforges an ancient sword broken on a movie set she is working on.  If Sarah doesn't have enough issues in her life already, like being a smith and gay, both which alienated her from her fundamentalist family, her girlfriend used the "L" word.  And then it turns out the sword she just reforged is actually an ancient relic, one desired by dragons.

Yep, ancient relics, dragons, trolls, orges, giants and a screwed up love life and things are destined to go to hell in a hand basket.  

J. A. Pitts has crafted a fantastic character in Sarah and I agonized along with her, both over the sword and Katie, her girlfriend (maybe).  The battle scene, along with her friends in the SCA, is tiring.  I was exhausted after making it through the fight.  Oh, the SCA group she is with, already know about the dragons and such being real.  She's a little late to the party there.

From her Doc Martens up, Sarah is a fun person to read about and I can't wait to start on book two. 

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