Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Day Shift

Right before Miscon started and I was absorbed with new authors (more coming about that) and having books signed by Terry Brooks, I managed to slide this one in and finish it.  And I wasn't disappointed with the effort.

Manfred is at it again with the lovely, but odd, inhabitants of Midnight, Texas.  When a reading goes dead wrong, he needs the whole town to help him out of the mess he's in. We get more on Olivia and her backstory, which is pretty interesting and I want it go do more in depth in a future book.  

There is also a bit more mention of Sookie in this book.  A character from one of the Steakhouse books makes an appearance in this book.  Now I have to go reread what happened in Dallas.  Mainly because while this old brain vaguely remembers, it's been awhile and I need to be 'refreshed'.

Definitely a good continuation of the Midnight, Texas story.  

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