Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday Prompt

Still riding high on my convention buzz, this week's prompt is about 'cons'.


Convention Police

Hildy slid back a bit further in the corner to avoid the crowd milling around in the large foyer.  She already had her badge allowing her entrance into the convention and was waiting with a bit more patience than those around it.  For her, this was old hat and getting to be a bit boring.  But as a member of the fey police, it was her job to monitor fantasy conventions to be sure other fey didn’t take too much advantage of the situation and expose themselves, consequently the rest of the fey, to too much notice.

Conventions were the perfect place for her kind to shine.  Their pointed ears, colored hair and wings were taken as part of the costume and they were complimented on how real they looked.  Compliments were something the fey enjoyed and a chance to show off was just too big of a lure to ignore.  

Sometimes humans got a bit too close trying to figure out how they made the look work and that angered some of her kind.  Luckily, most conventions if they allowed weapons at all, required them to be peace tied.  However, something as flimsy as a zip tie was nothing for an angry fairy to overcome and out came centuries old steel aching for the taste of blood.  Hildy’s job was to stop trouble before it escalated and serious magic was required to erase the incident from the minds of the humans involved.  Magic had costs and the fey didn’t have that kind of bank account any more.

Scanning the gathering crowd, Hildy could pick out several of her kind already, cloaks hiding their wings from the crowd.  Once the doors opened and they had more room to maneuver, the cloaks came off and the wings flexed.  That’s sometimes where the problems started.  Flexing wings had people coming up to see how they did it.  If she was lucky, the fey involved just answered, “It’s a secret” and continued on.  Unfortunately, some people were a bit more pushy and wanted to do in order to either make a set for themselves or to cash in on a sure-fire money maker.

There was also a recent rumor going around the fey were really fey.  She didn’t know where it started, but it was getting stronger and louder at each con she attended.  The rumor was loud enough even the High Court was concerned and assigned additional forces to patrol the conventions.  Like herself, most of the fey police used glamour to project a non-fairy costume.  The last thing they needed was attention on them while they were trying to police other fairies.

“Well, shiver me timbers” squawked the ‘stuffed’ parrot on her shoulder.

Hildy had dressed for this convention as a pirate and the parrot on her shoulder was actually a demi-fey, glamoured to look like a parrot.  She had people wanting to pet her bird at times, but that was better than trying to keep Cass invisible throughout the day.  Another set of eyes and ears came in handy at times.

Glancing at the small fairy, Hildy followed his line of sight and focused on what had so excited the pint-sized fey.  Groaning to herself, Hildy wondered what she had done so wrong she was being punished by the fates this way.  There, in a cluster, were four princes of the court and a body guard.  Alone, they would have garnered a second glance.  All together, people were stopping to ask for pictures.  And dressed, or rather undressed, in loin clothes, bracers and boots, they already had the crowd, both male and female, drooling.  This was not going to be a good day.

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